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Prosec School stands out as the only private security school in Lebanon and in the Middle-East, providing the highest standard of training. Trainers enjoying the best military background record form members of the security personnel.

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Physical Security Courses

The Physical Security Course is applied through two levels, basic and advanced security guard training.

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Close Protection

This course enhances the trainee capability and techniques for a better and safer way in providing the security needed to protect the VIP or any valuable package.

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Airport Security

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CCTV Monitoring

Pro Sec School offers all the facilities to train with a live CCTV system and explain the true concept of monitoring and basic skills required with real CCTV incidents and live monitoring tasks.

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Explosives & Drugs Detection

As its name indicate, it’s mainly used for detection from distances, generally, these units need a delicate training for they operate through the NQR Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance

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K9 Dog Explosive Detection

K9 Explosive detection, Pro Sec School offers the highest quality explosive detection dog training available today, and we are ready and able to provide professional handlers and explosive detection K9 police teams for virtually any security mission.

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Under-Vehicle Inspection System

The Searchcam Under Vehicle Inspection System is a video camera designed for security professionals to inspect the undercarriage of vehicles.

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Pro Sec School in response to the security and safety requirements has added to the training system provided courses related to the X-Ray system which is frequently used in all sensitive sites as Airports, embassies, etc….

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Walk Through Metal Detectors

One of the first innovations especially made for security reasons in the late 20th century, where the terrorist act was limited to metal weapons (knives, guns, etc...).

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Vapor Tracer

The new century types of explosives are no longer limited to black powder or TNT or any other types of solid explosives.

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